Thursday, November 15, 2012


Welcome to Smeared and Smudged Member Blog Hop!

I have something delightful for you, that I altered.

Meet the Newly Weds, Mr. and Mrs. Kline: I altered a "RAT" trap and a little

"mouse" Trap to show you just how the bride gets the traps her men once she

needs a "new heart". What a way to go!

Notice on the small trap I stamped a hand on it; This is a requirement and added to

the challenge. Now you can tell all your friends how to "ALTER a RAT TRAP!" and you saw it first

at the S&S Member Hop.

P.S. Look at the bride she is pretty roughed up; Guess her last hubby put up a fight. He was rather


Art as I see it by, Jean


  1. this is fantastic really took it off the paper with this one! love love love it!

  2. Too fun!!! LOVE the "rat trap"!!!

  3. Never thought of altering a rat trap. Fun project

  4. Im with Monique.. Would have never thought to alter that.. Your project is really cool! Thnx for sharing

  5. This is hilarious. It takes jean to make a project with a rat trap :D

  6. awesome altered rat trap jean lol and love the idea! great project.
    susan s.

  7. This is really different fantastic work
    Hugs xxx

  8. How clever! I see lots of barbie dolls were sacrificed..too funny. Love it!

  9. Wow what a fantastic piece! So imaginative and a brilliant story! It is both spooky and hilarious which is completely my favourite combination! I can see how much work went into this and it IS A RAT TRAP! how awesome and also a brilliant play on words. Wonderful work and soooo creative. Love, Vee xx
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  10. Haha! I love your altered Rat Trap Jean, it's so cool and a alot funny. Great job!

  11. Wow this is really weird!
    I dont understand your posts tho? I guess this is for the members blog hop? You also entered the Smudgy Antics challenge. You (according to the rules) need to link up your project to the challenge. So people like me dont get confused please.

  12. Your stuff is always mindblowing! Way cool on so many different levels! xxD