Sunday, March 3, 2013

The correct canvas to use in mixed media art.

What kind of canvas to use for Mixed Media Art ? Mixed Media Art Canvas ~ For practicing loose canvas on a roll is a very economical way of buying , it can be collaged onto stretched canvas later on or stretched onto canvas stretcher bars as a complete mixed media art painting when you are happy with it ~ Another alternative is canvas board also sometimes called canvas panels ...which is literally canvas mounted or glued on a heavy card board, rather than on a frame. It still provides a rigid support, can be mounted and framed but is available cheaper in all sort of experimental sizes .... ~ Pulp Board is an even cheaper alternative .. much like a flat panel canvas board but on pulp molded paper surface ...these are often heavily textured much like an embossed pattern and come surface primed with gesso ~ using canvas that is already primed ( meaning usually 3 layers of primer have been applied to the base canvas fabric that allows paints to adhere to it rather then for paint residue to sink through the fabric ) ~ Pre Stretched Canvas is canvas that has been stretched over specifally designed canvas stretcher bars made from wood so they look like an empty painting on a frame ~ Quality varies here..and depends on the grade of canvas used and the quality of the wood for the stretcher bars . Often for fine art purposes seamless binding of the canvas so that it looks visually appealing when hang is another factor. For the Mixed Media Artist even the cheapest stretched canvas can become a playground for the imagination easily ... ~ often stretched art canvasses are worked on an easel as it is easier to navigate the bounce . A Simple table top easel can work fine. If you dont have an easel it is quite easy to pop up to the top end of the canvas with some books and stabilise the end with some heavy wood blocks to create a makeshift raised surface . Oftentimes I am quite happy to work on a flat surface though especially when applying acrylic transfers.

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