Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Art By Jean

ART as I see it!! Art by Jean

in my dreams I draw!

Mixed Media

"dare to be different!"
I do!!!

super star

31 days of Halloween

I survived!

Creepy Creepmas

Have a Creepy Creepmas.

Skull Christmas Ornament by, Jean

Make a SKULL ~ Christmas Ornament

A Skull Ornament for you Christmas Tree:


1. A Snow Flake Ornament Hanger

2. Skeleton Garland 60 in. 152 cm) Boneyard

3. A glue Gun

4. Scissors

First Idea:

Glue the middle of the ornament and place the head of the scull and then

allow to dry..all finished.

Second Idea:

Glue the middle of the ornament and add the whole skeleton and allow to dry.

Now hang on your tree or hang in the window like I have done to mine until the tree is up.