Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cracked Glass Technique

Materials Needed: •Rubber Stamp •Dye Based Ink Pad •Sponge (Optional) •VersaMark™ Pad •Cardstock *Clear Ultra Thick Embossing Powder •Heat Gun STEP 1: Start by stamping your image in dye based ink on cardstock. If you are using a line art image, color your image. STEP 2: Tear edges of cardstock around stamped image in a back and forth motion. STEP 3: To get a more antiqued look on your final product, swipe stamp pad across cardstock with stamped image (direct-to-paper technique) or sponge color over image as needed. STEP 4: Apply VersaMark Ink over the entire piece of cardstock. STEP 5: Place your cardstock into a scrap piece of paper and pour Glaze Enamel over it. Cover entire image and tap off excess powder. STEP 6: Heat powder with heat gun until melted. STEP 7: While the embossing powder is still hot, add more powder over the cardstock. Hint: If the layer of embossing powder has cooled, don't worry. You can reheat, or apply another layer of VersaMark™ before adding more embossing powder. STEP 8: Repeat step 7. After heating the last layer of embossing powder, put the cardstock in the freezer for about 5 minutes to completely cool. When you take it out, the cardstock may be slightly warped. That is ok. STEP 9: Bend cardstock carefully until embossed layer cracks. Repeat on different spots of your cardstock until you like the look of it. If there is not a lot of cracking, put it back in the freezer for a longer period of time to really harden the glaze. And repeat “cracking”. Added note: Want the cracks to show more, apply dark colored ink over the entire image. The ink will get into the cracks, making them look more prominent. Brown inks are the best for this. Buff image with a paper towel to pick up the ink that didn't seep into the cracks. 'Dare to be different! Jean

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