Sunday, December 30, 2012


Make a Fat Book

Backgrounds for the pages - Cut out individual four-inch by

 four-inch squares and then create the pages.OR, use a whole sheet of paper to

create one large background,  then cut into pages. A nine-inch by twelve-inch piece of

 watercolord piece of paper paper will make six fat book pages.

Create the pages - You can use one design and photo copy it.

 until you  have the number of completed pages that are needed or 

design  an original print for each page.

Make page backs -  fat book pages should have a blank back. The  white of a plain

back really sticks out when the fat book is  assembled. Print a back for each page that

includes the *artist's name ,* contact information. Or, paste ephemera on the backs and

 apply a light wash of color.

Embellish- This is the fun part of a fat book page. Things that dangle, fibers and a

 multitude of other little things can be used to glam up the pages. Before applying embellishments,

  check to see how close to the left edge of the page so the book will open properly.

Glue -  Leave time for the pages to dry.

Copyright: Jean Blenkhorn
Creepy Creepmas 2013

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